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Earthy Birthy - Welcome to the Earthy Birthy Mothering Community! Here you will find sites on natural pregnancy & childbirth, homebirth,

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Earthy Birthy

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Manager: charlie_tb
Welcome to the Earthy Birthy Mothering Community! Here you will find sites on natural pregnancy & childbirth, homebirth, breastfeeding, gentle guidance, attached parenting, home learning, Montessori programs and organic living. Make the Earthy Birthy connection!

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   Our homebirth Preview Go
This is the story of my second childs homebirth by midwives!
   Breastfeeding101 Preview Go
We believe support and education are the keys to success!
   Three Little Kittens Preview Go
A fam. photo page that contains many links to interesting and informative alternaparenting sites, and some merely in the spirit of silliness! I'm planning to put in stories about my home/waterbirths, breastfeeding, single parenting, AP, vaccine and circumcision, family bed, more fab photos of "The Three Little Kittens", pregnancy, birth and other joys of being a human womyn on the planet earth!

   The Blessingway Pregnancy Centre Preview Go
The Blessingway Pregnancy Centre empowers women throughout their pregnancy and into life with baby. Dr. Melanie Beingessner offers The Calm Baby Breastfeeding Cookbook, written to help breastfeeding moms calm their fussy, crying, colicky babies easily by changing their diets. Her new book is Getting Ready for Baby - a beautiful keepsake journal that helps new moms get organized for a life with baby in five easy steps, including support professionals for birth such as doulas, chiropractic care, naturopathic medicine, massage therapy and more! We have information about pregnancy and breastfeeding on our website and we invite you to take a look.
   All About Waterbirth & WaterBabies: Waterbirth Website Preview Go
An intimate look at the newest innovation in safe, gentle, joyous, empowering birth. Features: Photo Gallery, tutorial, info that explains preparations for and benefits of waterbirth. Read 70 real waterbirth stories from moms & birthcare providers. Learn about the award-winning WATER BABY video, the vital importance of a truly gentle birth and the longterm value it provides to mom, dad and baby.
   Drug Free Morning Sickness Relief Products Preview Go
We have collected the most popular over the counter DRUG FREE solutions to relieve the symptoms related to morning sickness. The products below fall into two categories, acupressure and herbal solutions. Both types of products are very effective. Just select the one that's most comfortable for you.
   Index of Webrings managed by Charlie Preview Go
This page lists all the webrings managed by "Charlie_tb". The rings are all closely monitored and well-managed so that everyone can have ease in surfing. You will find many rings related to pregnancy, birth, doulas, babies, parenting and some just for Canadians. Come see if there is anything here to suit your site! I look forward to visiting your website!

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