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American History - Past, Present & Future - American History... Past accounts, Present historical or significant happenings, or Future major events (that will becom

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American History - Past, Present & Future

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American History... Past accounts, Present historical or significant happenings, or Future major events (that will become history) - "Today will be yesterday come tomorrow." Sites that contain: any type of American history - from native Americans indigenous to the country before it was known as the United States of America, its discovery, exploration, settling, founding, growth, present day information (current events), to future American events (history yet to be made) -


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   Off the Beaten Path - Explore and learn in the outdoors Preview Go
Outdoor, travel and history site by two retired Boomers. It combines geocaching, letterboxing, munzees, orienteering and related activities with history, travelogues, tips and commentary. Our quests include historical sites, forts, battlefields, ghost towns, parks, urban exploration and back country wilderness. We seek out little known places to explore, photograph and write about. The more challenging or remote they are, the better we like it. We hope to promote lifelong learning and curiosity about our world, especially in young people. If you are looking for ideas to teach and motivate kids, get them active outside and have some fun together, this site offers a lot. There's no armchair traveling. We've been to every place on these pages. The content is ours. Most of it is Off the Beaten Path.
   Statue of Liberty - Statue of Freedom Preview Go
Compiling a history of statues of the Goddess of Freedom and comparing it to the Statue of Liberty.
   WWII Army Jeeps: History, Origin, & Types Information Preview Go
All about the WWII Military Jeep built by Ford and Willys. Used as a weapons platform for 50cal, 30 cal, BAR pedestal or dash mount.

   genessa -- the long fifties! Preview Go
The Fifties Were a Long, Long Decade; Lee Harvey Oswald Smashed it to Bits. Lady G writes of JFK, the Beatles and the onset of the 1960s.
   Are Post World War II Subdivisions Worth Preserving? Preview Go
This website contains educational resources and suggested readings for Post WWII history, Post WWII architecture, and Arizona history. This website includes photographs of Post World War II houses in Tempe, Arizona, as well as a paper in support of preserving Post World War II subdivisions.
   America Today and Tomorrow Preview Go
an online reading lab of american culture.
   Grand Republican: The American Revolution Resource Preview Go
The online resource of the American Revolution featuring essays, photos, a timeline, biographies, an almanac, books, video, CDs, and much more
   Mike's Frontier Page Preview Go
Historical Re-enacting Page. Furtrader, Mountainmen, leather crafts site. Back to basic theme. Camping, tomahawk throwing and more..
   Pocahontas Chronology Preview Go
Time chart for Pocahontas from her birth in what is now Eastern Virginia to her death in Gravesend, England.
   Battle of Bunker Hill Preview Go
Information on the Bunker Hill Day Parade and the Civil War Memorial located near the Bunker Hill Monument

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