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The Autism Connection - A ring to bring together parents of Autistic children, Autistic adults or anyone with an interest in Autism for the purp

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The Autism Connection

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Manager: mfoster
A ring to bring together parents of Autistic children, Autistic adults or anyone with an interest in Autism for the purpose of sharing information and giving support.

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   Mom's Autism Page for T.J. Preview Go
Information about autism and related disorders from a mom with a son who has PDD, updates on his progress.
   Gavin's Room Preview Go
Gavin is a 5 year old little boy with Autism. He is non-verbal but has an augmentative communication device. Gavin keeps a journal on his website (written by mommy, of course) and we are in the process of transitioning to KD, or maybe a cyber charter school. Autism awareness, Autism Information, Family, Children.
   Independent Living on the Autistic Spectrum Preview Go
E-mail support group for people on the autistic spectrum. Site includes member submissions organized by topic, and information on how to join.

   The Spectrum 32176 Preview Go
Books on Austic Spectrum Disorders by category of current therapies and interventions. Educational and developmental products like language, puzzles, blocks, music, dvds, musical instruments, pretend play, puppets and puppet theaters, indoor and outdoor play merchandise. You can also join our online support group.
   An Asperger Manifesto Preview Go
Female Asperger diagnosed when middle aged- previously diagnosed bipolar. Blog is about how Aspergers people respond to and experience the social world. Presents alternative descriptions of what is going on from the Asperger point of view. Delves into 'being different' as a way of life.
   Autism and Education Preview Go
A list of suggestions for educating autistic children.
   Melrose's Place Preview Go
Melrose is my pen name. I am a homeschooled girl with Asperger's Syndrome - a kind of autism. Sometimes I have trouble coping with friends and people because I'm different. My mother says I have wisdom in me, and that's why I started this blog - to share my wisdom with other people.
   Help for Homeschooling a Child with Special Needs Preview Go
Customized educational and home school consulting for parents of children with autism and other special needs is provided by a homeschool mom with 9 years of experience homeschooling her own son with autism. How to get started homeschooling, curriculum recommendations, educational planning, and more. Free 30-minute introductory phone consultation to all new clients.
   Autism: A complete information source Preview Go
This site shows the history of autism, the characteristics of autism, hypothesis' of the causes of autism, information on the treatment of autism, the different forms of autism and on the help provided for people with autism.
   The Pure Baby Preview Go
Life in the world of ~~~ Breastfeeding, Babywearing, Co-Sleeping, Cloth Diapering, Natural Birthing, Attachment Parenting, Questioning Vaccination, Autism, The Feingold Diet, Organic Eating, and More!

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