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Rats! - Rats, rats and more rats! You've just landed in the community dedicated to these brilliant vermin who have found their w

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Rats, rats and more rats! You've just landed in the community dedicated to these brilliant vermin who have found their way into our homes and our hearts...and they didn't even have to chew a hole to get in.

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   Have You Hugged Your Rat Today? Preview Go
This is my own little web page that I made to tell people about my rats and what I know about them.
   Rainy Day Rattery Preview Go
A small rattery located in Southern California. Wepage includes rat care page and basic rat genetics tutorial... Not to mention dozens of pictures of the rats here at Rainy Day.
   Witch City Rattery Preview Go
Caring for, breeding of, and well-being of rats.

   Cameron's RatHouse Rattery Preview Go
Fresh new Rattery in Kalamazoo, MI. Check us out!
   My Rat site. Preview 1 review(s) — Go
All about my rats - Rod and Russel. Nice pictures.
   Curly Whiskers Rattery Preview Go
Located in Boise, Idaho. We breed with Health and Temperament as our first priority. Our main focus is on Hairless (Marked and Self), Double Rex, Mink & Mink Dilutes, Blue and Triamese. Many others will be available. Dumbo and Standard Ears.
   Ratsalot Rattery and Rescue Preview Go
My website describes all about my rattery and rescue and what I have to offer for my services. It displays alot of information for new rat owners,adoptees or perhaps info that current rat owners might of missed or didn't know. It describes my passion for rats,a page dedicated to my own animals also a unique memorial page for you to dedicate to your rattie that has gone to the Rainbow bri
   Happy Tails Rattery Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Small rattery in southern Oregon. I breed, and show my rats, and have all awards posted!! I breed dumbos and velveteens in siamese, masked and blazed. I also breed blues in dumbo and velveteen, and will have hairless soon! I will consider shipping weather permitting, and I also accept trades for other show quality rats!
   Little Footprints Rattery Preview Go
A small rattery located in Johnson City, Tennessee focusing on American and Russian Blues, Beiges, Champagnes, and Platinums in Dumbo ears, Hairless and Rex coats. There is also a page about rat genetics and basic rat care on my site.
   Blue Skies Rattery in Pennsylvania Preview Go
Small rattery located in Lancaster, Pa. We focus on health and temperament foremost. We specialize in russian blue, fawn, platinum, chocolate, merle and minks. We have other colors occasionally. We will be focusing on harley but we will have rex, velveteen and standard coats too. Our rats are mainly dumbos, but we may have a few standard eared dumbo carriers from time to time. We also never turn down a rat in need...so occasionally we may offer rescues.

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