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The UNOFFICIAL Hillary Clinton 2008 webring - The unofficial webring for all people supporting Senator Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States To b

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The UNOFFICIAL Hillary Clinton 2008 webring

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The unofficial webring for all people supporting Senator Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States To be added, you MUST have a working system code on your site. If you have not already joined 'webring' (and have an SSNB on your page), this site's system code MUST be pasted in BEFORE I add you.

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Although a denomination may not, by law, be involved in candidate campaigns, many of us are working to -- in President Sinkford's words, "reclaim our democracy." But we as individuals do not feel that getting out the vote is enough. We want to get out the vote and rebuild the Democratic Party, and bring the religious left to bear against the forces of the religious right.

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