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Gnostic Ring

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Gnosis (from one of the Greek words for knowledge, γνώσις) is spiritual knowledge and human liberation. Gnosis is a transcendent as well as a mature understanding. Gnosis includes direct spiritual experiential knowledge as well as intuitive knowledge, mystical understanding rather than that derived from rational or material thought.

The sites in this webring are dedicated to the pursuit of gnosis. The members represent many different paths and styles of Gnosticism, and offer a diversity of quality Gnostic websites along the theological spectrum.


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Ctr of Xtian Mysticism in NW Ohio
We are a community of Christian Gnostics who embark together on our mission to restore full union between the intellect of man and the perfect mind of God
Gnostique.Net - the French Gnostic Tradition
Dedicated to the legitimate "French Gnostic Tradition", this site contains documents, histories and links to the continuing tradition of the Gnostic Church founded by Jules Doinel and continued by Bricaud, Chevillon, Chambellant, Ambelain, etc.; as well as the initiatic bodies affiliated - Martinism, Elus Cohen, Memphis-Misra´m, etc.
Hermetic Fellowship
Gnostic Alliance
Gnostic Alliance

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