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Pennsylvania Coal Region History - WebSites on this WebRing are all about the history of the anthracite coal region of northeast Pennsylvania. This include

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Pennsylvania Coal Region History

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Manager: king5021
WebSites on this WebRing are all about the history of the anthracite coal region of northeast Pennsylvania. This includes the history of the Molly Maguires, Irish and Welsh relations, and the living and working conditions for miners from the late 1800's to the early 1900's. Sites about industries related to coal, such as railroads in the region, are also included.



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Lackawanna Cutoff
Original purpose of the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad was to bring Scranton to the world. In the process, it became a major trunkline. Half-century after Eisenhower, Congress and Interstate 80 consigned the Lackawanna Cutoff to oblivion, area citizens want to revive it for passenger service to ease highway congestion.
The Mighty O&W, A 1950's perspective of the Ontario &
All about the New York, Ontario & Western Railroad. Some pieces of this railroad that was lost in 1957 are still used by other lines. It started three years before the Golden Spike was driven at Promontory Point. The main line went from Weehawken, NJ to the port of Oswego. There were numerous branches to Delhi, Utica, Rome and into Pennsylvania.
CONRAIL: Where it came from, Where it went
Conrail was a huge railroad. It covered New England to St Louis, Great Lakes, coal mining territory. What companies made it to Conrail and what didn't? Not just the big companies like Penn Central, but little ones like Niagara Junction, Buffalo Creek.
This Schuylkill County historical site focuses on the O'Donnell House Massacre which occurred on December 10th, 1875 in the small village of Wiggans Patch, outside Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania. Sometimes the pages of history are one sided. It is a page in the infamous Mollie Maguire saga that must be read.
Colloquialisms of Northeastern Pennsylvania
Classifies Northeastern Pennsylvania sayings and phrases as Mining terms, Anglo-Slovonic phrases, and also lists phrases thought to be unique to Northeastern PA, but actually used nationally.

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Pennsylvania Coal Region History

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