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Surreally Insane - Surrealism and fantasy Paintings along with Blacklight Art and Poetry

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Surreally Insane

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Surrealism and fantasy Paintings along with Blacklight Art and Poetry

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swirly bits
buy the ticket, take the ride.... embark on a surreal psychedelic adventure through the mind, art, and madness of portland based artist joshua camozzi milligan. for those who stare at the glowing box, take a moment outside of space and time to enjoy the bits and let them flow.
Surrealistic Realms
Strange, psychedelic/surreal art and music composed by Harold Sleeper.
BDandellion's Cyber Home
straight and manipulated photos and surreal, metaphysic and other digital art of BDandellion
Dream Castle Designs
Surreal and Fantasy art.
Hendeka, Art of the 11th sept attacks on WTC
We are doing a contemporary Art installation defining a moment when the world has stopped during the attacks of the WTC . The paintings represent the WTC breacking, falling, the Artwork is always concentrated on the attacks and describes something incontrolable .

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Surreally Insane

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