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The Light We Share - A ring for every one who want to connected with the Light We Share. For people who want to be there for every human in n

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The Light We Share

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Manager: spiritualplatform
A ring for every one who want to connected with the Light We Share. For people who want to be there for every human in need. A ring full of love and a ring who brings Light.

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Awakening Circle
Can't climb that mountain in Tibet, to seek a guru! Here's your community of Spiritual seeker's, teachers, and student's, all supporting each other on the great path to Spiritual awakening. We discuss ACIM, Meditation, Enlightenment, and more, Review Spiritual books, comfort each other, and have a great time. This blog will link to a newly formed yahoo group. Please join and grow with us.
The Devil's In The Details!
What happened to Christianity and how it happened that Christ got divided between political parties, from the view of a Christian Leftist. As in our constitution - The separation of Church and State.
Gods R Us!
We are all Gods, (Baby Gods, yes) but Gods none the less, Bible proof, more of the things you never learn in sunday school. We are already Immortal, invinceable, and learning our vast power
Radha's Krishna Links--Introduction
This website is about is an intense love for God and the unexpected consequences of such love. You will find a brief a description of my personal experiences and some quotes and references that have helped me understand the wonderful things that have happened to me.
Carla's paranormale site
Een site met informatie over tarot, nederlandse tarot mailinglist, astrologie, Reiki Bach bloesem remedies, Keltische bomenkalender, agenda paranormaalbeurzen.

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The Light We Share

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